New Pictures May Be Evidence Of Loch Ness Monster

A woman who apparently caught an image of the Loch Ness monster kept the picture secret for fear of ridicule. Photographer Chie Kelly took the photos in 2018 but did not reveal them until the latest search for the beast got underway in Scotland last month. The images show a serpent-like creature on the lake’s surface, and Kelly described how she watched it move through the water.

Chie was having lunch with her husband and 5-year-old daughter near Loch Ness when she decided to take photos of the child. “About 200 meters from the shore, moving right to left at a steady speed was this creature,” the photographer said. “It was spinning and rolling at times. We never saw a head or neck. After a couple of minutes, it just disappeared and we never saw it again,” she added.

Steve Feltham, who has been hunting the creature for three decades, described the film as the most exciting he’d ever seen. “They are exactly the type of pictures I have been wanting to take for three decades,” Feltham told a British newspaper.

Mr. Feltham is one of the UK’s most renowned “Nessie” hunters. In 1991, he left his job, his home, and his girlfriend to move to Scotland and devote his time to solving the centuries-old mystery. In 2015, however, he brought his quest to an end, having concluded that the beast was a large Wels catfish. This fish is native to Europe and can grow to 13 feet long. He conceded, however, that the hunt for the creature would continue without him.

In August, the latest expedition got underway and almost 300 people joined the most extensive search of the lake for 50 years. Drones with infrared cameras flew over the area, and hydrophones detected any sound under the water’s surface. That exploration continues.

Loch Ness is one of the world’s largest lakes, comprised of 7,452 million cubic meters of water. It is 650 feet deep and 23 miles long.