New Mexico GOP Accuses Secretary Of State From Withholding Data From Trump

( As President Donald Trump enters the final days of his battle to ensure election integrity, the New Mexico Republican Party has accused Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver of playing “partisan political games” and delaying the release of important election records that were requested by the president.

If true, it would be one of several examples of Democrats and high-ranking officials delaying the release of information or delaying audits until after the January 20 presidential inauguration.

On December 17, President Trump’s legal team filed an Inspection of Public Records Act request to the New Mexico Secretary of State. The team asked for information about contractors from Dominion Voting Systems who appear to have had access to the voting machines during the presidential election. As part of the request, the legal team asked for all information relating to contractors used to run the voting machines on the day.

The request came after the New Mexico Republican Party confirmed that a poll watched had testified how three contractors from Dominion “had unfettered access to restricted areas.”

In a December 31 press release, the GOP then accused Secretary Toulouse Oliver of purposely holding out on providing the records which could potentially prove serious misconduct in the 2020 election. The local GOP said that Toulouse Oliver previously said she would hand over the records by December 30 but later said that they could only be provided by January 14 – only six days before inauguration day and eight days after the joint session of Congress where lawmakers confirm the Electoral College votes.

New Mexico GOP Chairman Steve Pearce said that the Secretary of State’s decision was a “deliberate effort to keep any evidence of potential issues from the Trump Campaign until after Congress certifies the Electoral College vote on January 6.”

Peace also accused Toulouse Oliver of playing “partisan political games” and said that she is purposely withholding the records because they are “evidence that can be used by Trump.”

It makes you wonder just want these records show…

“Again, the Secretary of State is partisan and defiant in refusing to uphold and oversee election integrity,” Pearce added. “She just makes up her rules. There’s no transparency of government here.”

On January 6, roughly 140 Republican members of the House of Representatives and a dozen Republican Senators will object to the certification of the Electoral College votes, potentially triggering ten days of debate in Congress where the overwhelming and shocking evidence of election fraud can be presented to the public.