New Investigation Targeting The Man Who Financed Jeffrey Epstein

( Jeffrey Epstein was known for many years before he was publicly found to be the leader of a large sex trafficking ring with an emphasis on exploiting underaged girls. The Ghislaine Maxwell trial corroborated Epstein’s scheme when she was convicted on sex trafficking and charged with grooming young girls for the billionaire. But who financed the American financier? Where did Epstein get all of his money?

This is a fact that should have probably been the center question, but it was not until recently that a documentary uncovered a startling fact of the operation. Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons documents the rise and fall of the company by journalist Matt Tyrnauer. What we learn is that weeks before Epstein died, an exposé in the New York Times was published, linking Epstein to the then-Victoria Secret CEO Les Wexner.

For most of his life, Wexner was a quiet man, reportedly steering clear of paparazzi and maintaining a low profile. It wasn’t until Epstein entered his life that he began to become more notable, appearing in Washington Post and on the cover of New York magazine.

The exposé revealed that Wexner was Epstein’s only billionaire client that was publicly known. Much of what Epstein has later acquired was a result of Wexner’s business: his Manhattan townhouse, the private jet known as the “Lolita Express,” and other properties that were bought from Wexner at a discount.

We also discover that Wexner did not cut ties with Epstein very quickly. He waited 18 months until after Epstein was arrested for child prostitution in 2006. An Oregon Attorney General claimed that Wexner contributed to Epstein’s legal defense, “voluntarily providing intel against one of Epstein’s accusers, who had worked for Victoria’s Secret,” according to the Beast.

Nevertheless, Wexner alleges that he was never aware of Epstein’s criminal offenses. But at the same time, Epstein was enmeshed in Wexner’s life, as the Victoria Secret CEO gave him “power of attorney.” In other words, Epstein was reportedly able “to hire people, sign checks, buy and sell properties and borrow money on Wexner’s behalf.”

In the guest mansion that Epstein allegedly bought from Wexner was where a young woman accused him and Ghislaine Maxwell of assaulting her. The young woman claims that she was imprisoned in the room and tried contacting local police and the FBI but they knew Wexner, so her cries for help fell on deaf ears.