New Harvard/Harris Poll Has Trump Beating Biden if Election Held Today

( In the new Harvard/Harris poll released last week, if the 2024 election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump were held now, more voters would back former President Trump than President Joe Biden.

While neither received majority support, 48 percent of respondents surveyed said they would vote for Trump in this hypothetical match-up while 45 percent chose President Biden. Another 8 percent were not sure.

Among women, the results were evenly split with 46 percent supporting Trump and 46 percent supporting Biden. Among men, Trump garnered 50 support to Joe Biden’s 43 percent. Meanwhile, Biden outstripped Trump by 20 points among urban voters and 4 points among suburban voters. Where Biden gets pummeled in the poll is among rural voters who chose Trump over the current president by 33 percentage points.

According to the poll, if Donald Trump does run again he will easily secure the 2024 Republican nomination. Sixty-seven percent of Republican respondents said they would back Trump in a hypothetical primary. Former Vice President Mike Pence came in a far distant second with 9 percent support. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in third with 8 percent.

If Trump sits out the 2024 race, Ron DeSantis easily gains first place with 30 percent support. Former Vice President Pence came in second with 25 percent and Texas Senator Ted Cruz came in third with 13 percent.

Democrat respondents were quizzed on a possible 2024 primary as well, both with and without President Biden on the ballot. If Biden runs again, 36 percent of Democrats said they would back him, which is a rather grim number for an incumbent president. Vice President Kamala Harris placed 20 points behind in second place. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar placed third with 10 percent. Oddly enough, Democrat wunderkind Pete Buttigieg garnered only 3 percent support.

Without Biden in the running in 2024, Vice President Harris was the top pick for Democrat respondents with 31 percent. Socialist crank Bernie Sanders came in second with 15 percent, and Pete Buttigieg came in third with 8 percent.

The poll surveyed 1,989 registered voters and was conducted from November 30 through December 2.