New Details Come to Light in Mayor Eric Adam’s Investigation

When asked why his questionable campaign financing practices have been brought to a grand jury, Mayor Eric Adams displayed his typical haughtiness and avoidance.

He said he wasn’t a lawyer. He’s Mayor Eric Adams, a former police officer.  He made the comment on June 15th as he evaded reporters in East Harlem.

The FBI conducted a raid in February on a high-ranking adviser to Mayor Eric Adams of New York City. 

FBI officers entered the Bronx residence of Winnie Greco, a high-ranking official who is being investigated for unlawfully benefiting herself from her position.

The FBI confiscated iPads and telephones belonging to Mayor Eric Adams last November as part of a federal corruption probe into his bid for mayor of New York City in 2021.

According to previous reports, the FBI raided the Brooklyn apartment of Brianna Suggs, Adams’ top fundraiser. On the same day, officers from the bureau also raided the homes of a former Turkish Airlines executive who worked as an assistant in New York City Hall.

Updated information on the federal investigation shows the government is reportedly seeking private correspondence and documentation of their travels to China. While in China in 2014, Adams and his staff communicated on official business using private email accounts, reportedly a private server.

At least one of Adams’s trips has been highlighted by federal prosecutors and the FBI as having been partially supported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

As president of the Brooklyn Borough from 2014 to 2021, Adams traveled to China seven times. His trusted advisor, Winnie Greco, who was a volunteer in Adams’ office and the head of the Sino-America New York Brooklyn Archway Association Corp., a non-profit, orchestrated these travels.

The city’s current director of Asian relations, Greco (61), has worked as a consultant for groups supported by the Chinese Communist Party for many years.

According to an itinerary from Adams’ mayoral office, the 2014 trip included several talks with local leaders in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Beijing, as well as trips to museums and schools. The CCP spent $787, and Sino-America over $7,000, according to the breakdown of expenditures.

According to an insider who spoke to a news outlet, the findings are part of a larger probe into allegations of public corruption involving the mayor of New York City and Greco.