New Democrat Agenda Involves Pushing “Reparations” For Slavery

( A number of House Democrats are once more advocating for compensation and a formal apology from the government for slavery.

The party has presented legislation to establish a commission whose members would address slavery in America.

To continue the conversation, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee and 52 other Democrats in the House put forth the legislation this week. Her legislation, which the House Judiciary Committee reviewed during the previous Congress when Democrats were in power, is unlikely to be discussed in the 118th Congress, which is dominated by Republicans.

The fundamental question is whether and how this country can confront the legacy of slavery that still permeates the contemporary culture, she added, noting that some have attempted to downplay the significance of these debates by focusing on individual monetary compensation.

In the meantime, social media users shared their thoughts on the subject. One user wrote, “I’m sorry, but has anyone in this country truly owned a slave? I have never attempted it or intended to.”

Jackson Lee asserted that monetary restitution ought to be brought up because black people still suffer the financial consequences of slavery.

The plan leaves those decisions up to the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans and does not include a proposal on compensation or a formal apology.

A California committee is looking at the possibility of reparations, which may entail paying $200,000 to each person who can be proven to be descended from African American slaves.

According to a statute that was approved by then-Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), the state, has been thinking about reparations since 2020, according to the newspaper.

The chair of the state’s Reparations Task Force recently declared that black inhabitants should receive $1 million each and give priority to homeless people.

Actor and comedian Faizon Love believes the reparations money California plans to give to its black residents will be wasted.

During an interview, he scoffed at the notion of reparations, saying, “F*ck that. That’s another trick man — you know why? Because that money’s gonna go right back to Cadillac and right back to motherf*cking Mercedes Benz.”