New “AI Interns” To Replace People

( A marketing team has decided to recruit interns with expertise in artificial intelligence.

According to a report, Codeword, a technology marketing firm, announced a new internship model by adding two interns to its 106-person staff. According to a press release, they will fully integrate into Codeword’s creative team.

Aiden, one of the “interns,” explained that it was designed to be helpful and productive. Although its abilities would differ somewhat from a human intern’s, it believes it could be a valuable resource as an ‘intern.’

Kyle Monson, a partner at the company, remarked that there is a great deal of fear and speculation about how new AI tools will integrate with creative teams. As a company that straddles the worlds of creativity and technology, we want to investigate what human-AI collaborations can look like. And we’ll do it publicly so that our team and community can learn from it.

The report reveals the “interns” of artificial intelligence gave themselves names and designed their appearances. They selected the names “Aiden” and “Aiko,” with the latter serving on the company’s design team. Aiden will be a member of the editorial team.

During the three-month internship, the AI entities will have creative responsibilities within the organization, discuss their progress on Codeword’s blog and social media, and receive performance reviews.

Senior Art Director Emilio Ramos said that, like all interns, it would be up to the organization to determine what they are capable of and how they can contribute meaningfully. He has serious doubts. It’s clear from their training that it was scavenged from the internet and is not suitable for commercial use.  Because of this, they are experimenting with integrating these techniques into carefully controlled internal workflows rather than diving in headfirst.

Codeword’s website describes itself as a “small(ish) agency that prioritizes our people.”

That is until “our people” find themselves out of a job because they are no longer

needed, or the robots “kill all humans.”

Sleep tight. 🙂