Nashville Police Issue Response After Shooter Manifesto Leak

Following the release of parts of the manifesto of Covenant School shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale after the murders of three adults and three children in March, the Metro Nashville Police Department said that seven personnel were put on administrative duty.

According to a report, Steven Crowder, host of Louder with Crowder, published three pages of the manifesto that show Nashville gunman Audrey Hale was motivated by the Socialist notion of “white privilege” and her disgust for the school children.

Last Monday’s broadcast announcing the news has been seen more than two million times on Rumble. YouTube’s “violent criminal groups policy” led to the removal of the same video.

Wednesday afternoon, a police department official confirmed the report.

To safeguard the ongoing inquiry, seven people are serving an administrative assignment. They are fully empowered as law enforcement. Because it wouldn’t be right to publicly shame any of the seven, they will keep their identities secret, according to the official.

Police first described the mass killing as calculated and premeditated, which may be explained by documents purporting to be crime scene images of the killer’s notes.

The three pages from the manifesto that were allegedly leaked are only a small sample, according to the police.

On Monday, Mayor Freddie O’Connell of Nashville issued a statement saying that the city will look into the possibility of a leak. According to the mayor, he had Metro’s Law Director, Wally Dietz, look into how the images were leaked. That probe may include local and federal agencies. He expressed worry for the welfare of the Covenant School families.

The Police Department would publish a statement on Monday clarifying that the photos were not taken at a crime scene.

A report shows it coincides with the National Police Association’s (NPA) legal battle against the city and its police department, which seeks to prevent the manifesto’s release to the public. The NPA’s lawyer announced that the court order prevented the materials from being made public.

Earlier this year, court documents showed that Hale, who was being treated for a mental ailment and who identified as a female-to-male “transgender,” had written at least 20 journals and a suicide note.