Nandini Jammis Offered To Buy Sexual Material For Minors

( The Leftist cranks who run “Check My Ads,” which seeks to bully advertisers away from monetizing what it claims are “hate and disinformation sites,” now fancy themselves a creepy underground railroad that will help supply school children with pornographic books barred by their schools.

Claire Atkin, who along with Nandini Jammi runs “Check My Ads,” recently tweeted a response to a CNN op-ed about parents fighting to get sexually-explicit materials out of school libraries. Atkin told teenagers who want to read these books to DM (direct message) her and she will buy the books for them and ship them to a “safe location.”

Is this an actual threat to parents’ rights?

No, it’s just the typical social media Leftist finding ways to screech “Look at me! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!!” It’s as childish and immature as a group of twelve-year-olds in a movie theater screaming profanities as soon as the lights go out.

When Claire Atkin starts driving a non-descript van through neighborhoods offering pornographic books to every teenager who walks by, then she might be a serious threat. But Claire’s purpose for tweeting nonsense like that isn’t to appeal to teenagers; it’s to get retweets by stirring up controversy by saying something outlandish.

Meanwhile, Claire’s fellow Leftist crank Nandini Jammi has recently been arguing that convicted juvenile sex offenders should not be given a “de facto life sentence” by having them listed on a sex offender database alongside adult sex offenders.

Defending sex offenders and promoting pornography geared toward young people.

This is the modern American left.

In a sane society, kooks like Atkin and Jammi would be relegated to the fringe – just sputtering lunatics nobody pays any attention to. But because this isn’t a sane society, these two are given fawning write-ups in such outlets as Forbes and interviews on MSNBC.

And while these two spew their insane rhetoric freely, their “Check My Ads” is seeking to target businesses who advertise with such right-leaning personalities as Dan Bongino or Steve Bannon.