Nancy Pelosi Reveals Possible New Procedural Move

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking for any possible way she can pass extremist legislation without the support of the Republicans – as you might expect from the most partisan House Speaker in American history.

Over the weekend, Pelosi floated the possibility of using a procedural move to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, but she failed to gain the support of moderates within her party who are looking to bring forward a vote on the bill as soon as possible.

This week, the house returns to Washington where they will vote on the massive $3.5 trillion budget resolution. It is one of the largest budgets to ever be pushed through Congress, and while it is advertised as an “infrastructure” bill, it contains provisions for a series of non-infrastructure policies including the Green New Deal.

Another so-called “bipartisan” $1 trillion bill, which has not achieved the support of a majority of Republican senators, will now also head to the House. Moderate Democrats have threatened to vote against the $3.5 trillion budget resolution unless the Democrats first push a vote on the infrastructure bill, but far-left Speaker Pelosi and her most radically left-wing Congressional colleagues are pushing to refuse to allow the infrastructure bill to be voted on in the House until the Senate passes the $3.5 trillion social spending bill.

Effectively, Nancy Pelosi is holding the infrastructure package hostage in the House, where she technically has the votes to pass it, by telling Republicans that it will only be passed if they agree to spend a further $3.5 trillion on various ultra-left-wing policies.

Honestly, it sounds like that funding for roads and bridges might be worth holding off on if this is the game Nancy Pelosi is playing…

Nine moderate members of the House Democrats said that a procedural vote is insufficient and that the House first needs a full vote on the infrastructure bill before moving onto the budget resolution.

In case you were wondering which Democrats in the House are still somewhat sane, the statement was made in a letter signed by Reps. Ed Case, Henry Cuellar, Filemon Vela, Josh Gottheimer, Carolyn Bordeaux, Jared Golden, Jim Costa, and Vicente Gonzalez.