Nancy Pelosi Is Spreading Rumors About Obama Now

( According to a forthcoming book by a pair of New York Times reporters, President Biden and former President Barack Obama have experienced significant “tension.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has even described the former president as “jealous” of his Democratic successor.

According to an extract from the upcoming book, “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin, Obama had “complicated feelings” about Biden becoming president.

After Biden’s inauguration, Obama and Biden spoke by phone rarely. According to the book, their discussions were hardly the material of the tight brotherhood both men had marketed to the public as a joyful political fairy tale.

Nancy Pelosi, who had frequent interactions with the previous president throughout this tenure, came away from her meetings with Obama with a matter-of-fact assessment of the situation.

‘Obama is envious of Biden,’ Pelosi purportedly said to a confidante.

According to an aide to Biden, this administration has been portrayed as more transformational than Obama’s. “I am convinced that Barack is not thrilled with the depiction of this administration as more revolutionary than his,” Biden allegedly stated.

While Vice President Joe Biden frequently emphasized his best-friend relationship with President Barack Obama on the campaign trail, underlying tensions between the two elders over their widely different leadership styles were revealed in an August 2020 Politico piece.

According to the Politico investigation, several anonymously reported remarks from Obama seeped out throughout the 2020 Biden campaign, in which the former president purportedly raised questions about the suitability of his former running mates to serve in the federal government.

When it comes to “effin” things up, don’t underestimate Joe’s ability, Obama supposedly said, according to an anonymous source.

While several top Democrats credited Biden’s links to Obama for his good rapport with Black voters, Biden maintained that he won their support on his own, telling advisers after his South Carolina primary victory that Obama had “not lifted a finger” to assist him.

This could explain why Obama was happy to make Biden look foolish when he returned to the Oval Office for a visit last month. Biden looked sad, unpopular, and weak.