Nancy Pelosi Gets Irritated by Covid Relief Question ‘While People Are Dying In the Ukraine and All of That’

( During her weekly press conference last Thursday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got a little snippy with NBC reporter Jake Sherman when he asked her a question about COVID relief funding after Nancy was done talking about COVID relief funding.

Pelosi had just prattled on about COVID funding, so the question seemed pertinent. She had told reporters that the money Democrats wanted to spend on COVID was necessary to fund therapeutic treatments and prevent another wave of COVID before a new variant could emerge.

Funny. We spent trillions on COVID relief over the last two years, and we still got hit with new variants and new waves. It’s almost as if Congressional spending didn’t make any difference.

As the babbling Speaker started to move on to another topic, Sherman tried to ask a follow-up about COVID funding.

Nancy snapped at Sherman for daring to ask a third question. Sherman countered that his question was “substantive” and Pelosi likes “substantive questions.”

In her best “yeah whatever,” Pelosi pointed out that people are dying in Ukraine “and all of that.”

Okay, not exactly. She said, “people are dying in THE Ukraine.” It hasn’t been THE Ukraine since the Soviet Union. The “THE” fell along with the Iron Curtain, but the nearly 82-year-old Pelosi must not have gotten the memo.

Sherman snapped back, “Well, people are dying of COVID too.”