Nancy Pelosi Calls Republicans “Losers”

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the former speaker of the House, has said of Republicans who have pursued transgender-focused policies that “they’re losers.”

A writer for The Advocate told Pelosi that so many members of “the community” are scared because of the “hateful legislation” and dangerous rhetoric by Republicans.

That’s when Pelosi called the Republicans “losers” before extending her attack to cover protections for firearms and women’s right to choose.

Pelosi said the GOP is losing the gun battle with all these horrible shootings, the public is not on their side. And then she lamented that the left still doesn’t have the legislation they desire. 

“The people have had enough,” Pelosi declared. 

She said young people are increasingly taking up the cause. They’re getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress. The right to abortion has been lost.

Pelosi was saddened as she described how the right has turned its sites on the trans and drag communities, asking rhetorically, “Does anyone drag as a serious risk?”

Yes, they do. The left has included children in “trans and drag.”

Proponents believe the measures safeguard children, but critics say they assault “gender-affirming” therapy. Republican-led states around the country have enacted legislation or policies that crack down on gender-affirming treatment for minors. Republican-controlled states have also taken action to restrict the participation of transgender people in female-dominated sports and ban children’s attendance at drag shows due to safety concerns.

The House voted last month to prevent transgender male athletes from participating on girls’ and women’s school sports teams, with no Democrats voting in favor. The Democrats control of the Senate and the White House makes it unlikely that the proposed prohibition, which would affect schools that receive federal funding, will be approved.

Pelosi, whose appearances on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” have generated headlines in recent years, agreed with the author that the Republican’s actions are “frightening.”

“It’s really scary. Because it’s centered on hate,” she said. 

The right would say it’s centered on the protection of children. Trans and drag have been around for decades with no controversy. It wasn’t until children were “dragged” into it that it’s become an issue.