Mysterious Burger King Email Receipts Are Being Sent Out

( You’re not alone if you got a blank receipt from Burger King in an email for an order you never placed. Numerous individuals have reported the phantom receipts on social media.

According to reports, people started getting emails with what seemed to be a blank Burger King receipt for an order they had never placed. In the wee hours of Tuesday, August 9, the emails started to show up in people’s inboxes.

The Burger King email stated a thank you note for ordering from the company.
It also provided a location for the receiver to pick up their food. Additionally, the email omitted other crucial details like the order’s pricing and order number.
According to screenshots posted on Twitter, the emails seemed to originate from the address [email protected], which appeared to be a legitimate Burger King promotional marketing email account.
Was Burger King compromised? According to reports, that doesn’t seem to be the case. A Burger King official contacted for comment said the emails were the product of an “internal processing issue.”
Many were perplexed by the odd emails, especially those who hadn’t recently visited a nearby store or couldn’t remember signing up for emails.
According to social media comments, some wondered if their bank accounts were hacked. But that turned out not to be the case.

Some concerned people received an email even though they no longer have the Burger King app.
One user joked that his personal trainer saw an email notification from Burger King with an order receipt while he was adding appointments to the calendar. His trainer gave him the most ‘disappointed’ expression he’d ever seen. But “It wasn’t my fault!” the user explained.
The Burger King website offers ‘rewards’ such as ‘Royal Perks.’
When you sign up with their app or on the website, you can earn ‘Crowns’ that you redeem for Burger King food and upsize a side or drink for free daily.

Whatever the reason for the strange emails, Burger King certainly got their ‘Royal Perks’ in free advertising on social media.