Musk Reveals Dirt On MSNBC

( On Monday, NBC’s Mehdi Hasan accused Tesla CEO Elon Musk of surrendering Twitter “to the far-right,” prompting Musk to take a scorched-earth stance against the network.

“NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis …” Musk wrote in a Monday tweet, responding to a video clip posted by another user showing Hasan railing against Musk, calling him a “not-so-bright billionaire,” and complaining about his purchase of the social media giant.

Musk retorted that NBC is the same organization that covered up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, had the Harvey Weinstein story early and squashed it, and provided Matt Lauer with his rape office, among other things.

Musk followed up with another tweet detailing some of the network’s most well-known scandals over the past few years.

In addition to the Hunter Biden laptop story, which NBC frequently ignored despite revelations that the laptop was not “Russian disinformation,” as some news outlets claimed, Musk mentioned former reporter Ron Farrow’s allegation that NBC suppressed his story on a slew of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, which NBC denied.

Matt Lauer, a former “Today Show” anchor who was ousted from the network in 2017 after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, was also highlighted by Musk.

He referenced reports, subsequently denied by Lauer, that a secret button under his desk at NBC allowed him to lock his office door to trap women without getting up from his chair.

Because of Musk’s announcement last month of his ambition to purchase Twitter, liberal media outlets have been quick to criticize him and his business practices.

On April 23, the board of directors of Twitter unanimously approved his $44 billion acquisition bid. The billionaire has often poked fun at left-leaning media characters online and declared that the “extreme right” is not his favorite political movement.

For Twitter to earn public trust, he argued last week, and the social media platform must remain “politically neutral,” which effectively means offending both the far right and the far left on an equal basis.