Music Icon Dresses Up As A Nazi

Roger Waters, the controversial rock singer, is once again in hot water after seeming to dress as a Nazi SS commander during a concert in Germany.

His theatrical attire included images of crossed hammers that were evocative of those from a fictional neo-Nazi group shown in the 1982 movie “Pink Floyd: The Wall.”

As a result of his infamous comparisons of the State of Israel to the Nazis about its treatment of the Palestinian people throughout several press appearances, Waters, 79, has earned a reputation for making contentious anti-Israel statements. But, the accused antisemite contends he is not.

During this most recent performance, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer could be seen dancing about on stage in what seemed to be an SS outfit. Red flags with crossed hammer emblems rather than the Third Reich’s symbol were suspended above him.

Waters sang “Lay Down Jerusalem (If I Had Been God)” at another point in the performance while yelling, “F$%& the occupation.”

The names of slain individuals were once shown on a screen in the shape of a crucifix, among them George Floyd, a black man whose killing at the hands of Minnesota police officers aroused widespread outrage and led to the founding of Black Lives Matter.

He even included Anne Frank, a Jewish adolescent who perished in the Holocaust, for derision.

According to the Independent, CNN and several Palestinian sources said the IDF had targeted her on purpose, but the IDF has refuted this.

This isn’t the first time Waters’ provocative beliefs have put him in the crosshairs on social media.

The outspoken singer reiterated his earlier comparison of Israel to the Third Reich. He also praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine.

Polly Samson, the spouse of Pink Floyd musician David Gilmour, then savaged him on Twitter.

She called Waters an anti-Semite who is “rotten to his core.” She said he is a Putin apologist and a lying, hypocritical, thieving, lip-synching, tax-avoiding, sick-with-envy, misogynistic megalomaniac.

Shortly after, 77-year-old David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s guitarist, liked and shared his wife’s viral Twitter post with the caption, “Every word demonstrably true.”