Multiple People Diagnosed With COVID After White House Event

( After attending Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, many journalists, including veteran ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl, who shook hands with Vice President Biden, have tested positive for COVID-19.

Since then, the virus has spread to reporters and workers at news companies such as CNN, Politico, ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News. A handshake with Vice President Biden was exchanged by Mr. Karl, who sat close to Kim Kardashian in the audience. Politico was the first to break the news of his positive test results.

Participants were needed to be vaccinated and boosted, and present documentation of a negative test performed the same day they registered for the yearly event.

Yet, the dinner seems to have served as a superspreader event, as shown by a joke from the event’s emcee, comedian, and Comedy Central host Trevor Noah, who was also there.

Invoking laughter, Mr. Noah said it was his great joy to be speaking today at the nation’s most renowned superspreader event. In the previous two years, you’ve spent your time teaching everyone about the significance of wearing masks and avoiding substantial indoor gatherings. Yet, the moment someone gives you a free supper, you all transform into Joe Rogan.

Ivermectin has been pushed as an alternative COVID remedy by celebrities such as podcast presenter Joe Rogan, who has advocated for the medicine and has even used it himself. Many physicians have recommended it to COVID patients. Humans may be treated with ivermectin in tiny doses to get rid of head lice and other parasites, but the Food and Medicine Administration (FDA) has not authorized the drug as a COVID therapy.

In a private conversation this week, Anthony Fauci expressed concern over the decision to hold the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, citing it as disturbing evidence that many Americans no longer consider Covid to be a significant danger.

As part of a conference call with public health specialists on Thursday afternoon, Fauci highlighted his dissatisfaction with the rising belief among the public that the epidemic is virtually finished. He expressed concern that people are losing sight of the need to continue to defend the nation’s most vulnerable.

He then used the April 30 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner — which was attended by President Joe Biden and scores of other government officials — as an example. The event, hosted in a ballroom at the Washington Hilton, was attended by hundreds of people. It was preceded and followed by parties and events that drew a comparable crowd. Fauci questioned why many individuals felt safe congregating inside without masks amid a recent spike in Covid cases.

Because they are “sophisticated.” That is why.