MSNBC Host Calls For More Propaganda About COVID, Praises China

( MSNBC host and financial analyst Jim Cramer called for more propaganda about COVID-19 and praised China for its harsh lockdowns in a moment that stunned one of the co-hosts into silence. MSNBC reported on the easing of lockdown restrictions in the communist country which had seen improvements in the stock market.

The outlet reported that the change in the CCP’s direction regarding COVID was headed by the nation’s chief propagandist. After a segment showing families being stuck in China’s Disney World, unable to leave without first receiving a negative COVID test, Cramer erupted into a long monologue that appeared to confuse the other hosts.

Cramer initially expressed that nothing was particularly off about not being able to leave the park because, in his own personal experience, he was able to get his results back in a day, so he does not “think that’s wrong.”

“Let’s just go back over, I think chief propagandist, I call that person a dissembler, so to speak. But they have a narrative in which basically you can conquer COVID by just being locked down, and this has to change the narrative,” Cramer said.

He then argued in favor of China stealing and back engineering Pfizer’s vaccine.

“What is even better is homegrown mRNA, which I’m told they managed to get the intellectual property, stole it, which is good, and I say good because it’s better to have mRNA than not,” Cramer said. “Let’s just say they appropriated it. What do you do if you tell people the way to beat it is no vaccine and now you have a vaccine? So, I think what you need is a propagandist.”

The segment was reportedly sponsored by Pfizer, according to Summit News. As Cramer spoke a Pfizer image was displayed on screen behind him.

One of the co-hosts remained silent for a few seconds before Cramer commented on that awkward moment.

“I’m silent,” he said. “I’m just thinking about those poor people stuck at Disney, at Shanghai Disney for—”

Cramer then interrupted him saying that it was a “small world.”