Mother Left Scarred After Beautician Attacks Her

A beautician’s shattered wine glass put a lifelong scar on a mother’s face after she made a statement about her boyfriend.

On a June 2022 night out, 29-year-old Chelsea Orrock of South Tyneside became enraged when it was revealed that they dated the same boy in school.

Orrock allegedly stabbed her face with a shard of glass even though she said they had dated months apart from one another.

According to the evidence presented at Newcastle Crown Court, the victim sustained a cut that extended from her lip to her cheek. The cut bled profusely, required stitches, grew infected, and left lifelong scars.

The mother-of-three, Orrock, who has no criminal record and no history of violent offenses, received a suspended sentence of 18 months in jail. In addition to the £1000 restitution order, 130 hours of unpaid work, and 90 days of alcohol abstinence monitoring, she was also sentenced to rehabilitation.

The victim reported intense pain, being “disfigured,” suffering nerve damage, and a complete collapse in self-esteem.

She said she feels like they’re staring at her scar when she speaks to people. So now, while talking, she finds herself staring at the floor. For the most part, she stays indoors.

Orrock is currently the owner of a nail and lashes business.

Recorder Jason Pitter KC told her she should be ashamed of herself, and it appears that she resorted to hitting someone with glass because she lacked self-control over her sentiments, emotions, and passions, which revolved around a man.

In her defense, her lawyer, Sam Faulks, stated that Orrock feels a significant level of remorse and said that she regrets her acts regarding what she did that night and has shown that she understands what she did wrong.

According to Mr. Faulks, Orrock has just launched her own lash and nail business, has a plethora of character references, and has cut down on her alcohol consumption significantly.