More Trouble for Cannes Security Guard Who Argued With Kelly Rowland

On the red carpet at Cannes, actress Massiel Taveras got into a nasty altercation with a female security officer who had earlier challenged singer Kelly Rowland.

The actress was taken aback when the security officer interrupted her as she was getting ready to unveil a massive white gown with an illustration of Jesus on its train.

A video of the argument shows Taveras pushing away the guard as she entered the event. After that, she disobeyed orders and threw her dress train to lay on the steps. 

This happened just days after Rowland admonished the same guard on the red carpet.  Rowland claimed the guard’s actions were racist, while the guard’s coworkers maintained that the woman was simply performing her duty. 

Video footage shows the actress was about to lower her massive train down the stairs, but the female security officer swiftly intervened by reaching out an arm.

Taveras became enraged when the security guard maintained her arm extended in front of her as she posed for photos, even as other staff members were helping to set the dress.

After she and the guard exchanged words, Taveras snatched the train’s end from another guard and flung it to the floor in a fit of fury.

Upon ascending the staircase, Taveras, a former beauty queen (Miss Dominican Republic and contestant at Miss Universe), had difficulty unfurling the length of her gown.

She became so enraged that she swung her hands up in anger and yelled at the security officer when she attempted to intervene again.

Taveras nodded to her admirers as her dress was finally untangled, but the security guard seemed to push her toward the door as she maintained her arm over the actress, blocking the dress from waiting photographers.

In response, Taveras became enraged and pushed the woman away from her.

The motive for the female security guard’s tight pursuit of Taveras as they were brought up the stairs is unknown. 

The un-named local Frenchwoman served as an usher for the week-long festival.