More Deaths Under Joe Biden Than Donald Trump, Report Shows

( According to the COVID fatalities tracked by Johns Hopkins University, more Americans have died from COVID-19 since President Joe Biden was inaugurated than died while Donald Trump was President.

Under President Trump, there were 408,450 deaths from COVID-19. As of January 8, 425,538 Americans have died from COVID under President Biden.

So even with the benefit of widely-available treatments and three different vaccines, Joe Biden’s death toll is now higher than Trump’s.

In October 2020, after the death toll exceeded 200,000 Americans, Candidate Biden blasted Donald Trump for the COVID death toll, arguing that anyone “responsible for that many deaths should not remain President of the United States.”

Now Joe Biden is responsible for over twice that many deaths.

But you aren’t going to see anyone in the American corporate news media accuse Joe Biden of “killing” Americans. You aren’t going to hear a single Democrat politician or cable news pundit claim Biden has “blood on his hands.”

Joe Biden famously and repeatedly vowed that if elected he would “shut down the virus.”

Both he and his running mate Kamala Harris spent the final weeks of the campaign telling the country they had a “plan” to ”get this virus under control.” Kamala even promised it would be the “first thing” they did when they got to the White House.

Now more Americans have died from COVID while Joe and Kamala have been in the White House than died when Donald Trump was in the White House.

They vowed to “listen to the experts” and “follow the science” while letting Teachers Unions dictate CDC guidelines for schools.

By the very standard Candidate Joe Biden set for Donald Trump, President Biden should resign in disgrace.

The Democrats used the COVID pandemic as a campaign weapon to take out the sitting President. And it worked.

But now the political monster they created is turning on them.

This is why the Democrats are focusing like a laser on a 3-hour riot at the Capitol. COVID got Joe Biden elected. And by every measure, he has failed. All they have left is painting their political opponents as “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists.”