Moms Arrested For Not Wearing Masks And Carrying Scissors

( Two parents from Gwinnett County, Georgia, were arrested on Thursday night for not wearing a face mask and for reportedly carrying a pair of scissors through a recently-installed metal detector.

It sounds like this was just an effort to reinforce the false narrative from the National School Boards Association and the Department Of Justice that concerned parents are “domestic terrorists” if they don’t think schools should be teaching Critical Race Theory and other far-left ideas.

Video footage obtained by conservative news outlet The National File appears to show the two mothers, Karen Kirkle and Brenda Stewart, being arrested by law enforcement officers for trying to attend a school board meeting.

See for yourself:

This is where we are in 2021, in Biden’s America. Parents are being arrested for attending school board meetings where they have an opportunity to tell teachers and school board officials that they do not want their children to be taught racist ideas.

The footage was captured by Holly Terei, representing Gwinnett County Parents for Quality Education. It shows Kirkle being shoved around the room before being handcuffed for not wearing a mask.

As Kirkle was being arrested, officers also discovered a pair of scissors in Stewart’s bag and arrested her too.

Did they seriously think these concerned mothers were trying to hurt people with scissors? Or purposely spread COVID-19?

It just smells like a setup…

The National File reported that Kikle’s husband was also at the meeting and is aware of the arrest and trying to bond his wife out of jail.

Terei, who captured the footage, also expressed concern that Stewart may face serious charges if officers claim that they believe the scissors were going to be used in a violent attack.

So, while left-wing extremists burn down cities, parents are being arrested for carrying…scissors.