MLB “Emergency Line” Linked To Illicit LGBT Material

According to the American Accountability Foundation, an emergency text line supported by Major League Baseball led an undercover watchdog organization acting as someone suffering from gender identity to a chat room for youth that allegedly enables sexually explicit talks.

A user from the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) acting as someone who was born a male but never really felt masculine was sent to the LGBT National Help Center and the Trevor Project by the chat line, the Crisis Text Line, which has collaborated with the MLB.

Tom Jones, the President of AAF, stated to media outlets that Major League Baseball’s actions are shocking and unacceptable under any circumstances. The act of preparing children for gender transition is considered highly immoral and indecent, making it difficult to imagine MLB recovering from this. MLB and all players involved in this program should be ashamed. Jones asked that the MLB not interfere with our children. 

According to a report, after corresponding with the counselor through text message, the AAF was given the URLs for the LGBT National Help Center and the Trevor Project’s online chat room, TrevorSpace.

TrevorSpace bills itself as a supportive global community for LGBTQ youths ages 13-24.  

In the chat area, users often discuss masturbation and sex positions, as seen by screenshots that were shared with the media.

One parent who went onto the forum said that individuals had given directions on where to get chest binders, devices women use to flatten their breasts. 

A report shows that a mother from Brooklyn coping with a gender-dysphoric child learned this when she posed as a preteen in the chat in search of support for those who wanted to “detransition.”  She came up empty-handed.

Instead, she unlocked a “Pandora’s box” of psychologically unstable youth needing treatment, aggressive recommendations for gender reassignment, people pushing adolescents to conceal their gender change from their parents, and sexually explicit material.  

She stated that being in TrevorSpace gave her a bird’s eye perspective of the progressive charity juggernaut that claims to rescue young people’s lives but, in reality, pushes them farther into psychological rabbit holes, depravity, and the risk of harm.