Mitt Romney Reports “Deep” Problems Among Democrats Right Now, Even He Sees It!

( Democrats received a lot of criticism recently from a Republican senator who, at times, has sided with liberals.

On Tuesday, Utah Senator Mitt Romney said those who are in favor of passing voter identification laws aren’t racist. He referenced a recent speech given by President Joe Biden, in which he said that he supported doing away with the filibuster in the Senate so that Democrats could pass sweeping voting reform legislation.

In response, Romney said that Democrats, led by Biden, have “ventured into deep hysteria.”

Appearing last weekend on “Meet the Press” on NBC, Romney pointed out that liberals went ahead with creating their own election reform packages while getting no input from any Republicans. Then, they are somehow “shocked, shocked” that members of the GOP refused to support their proposals.

During a speech he gave on the Senate floor this week, Romney said:

“Now, I’d note that political overstatement and hyperbole may be relatively common and they are often excused, but the president and some of my Democratic colleagues have ventured deep into hysteria.

“Their cataclysmic predictions for failing to support their entirely partisan election reform — worked out entirely by themselves without any input whatsoever from any single person on my side of the aisle — are far beyond the pale.”

For his part, Romney said he would be more than willing to work with the Democratic Party on crafting voting rights legislation. However, he added that “I never got a call on that from the White House.”

Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the Senate, began to launch a showdown over a few election and voting rights reform bills this week. But, with no Republicans willing to support those bills, Democrats are considering changing the rules of the filibuster so they can get around the 60-vote minimum they now need to get a proposal passed.

At the same time, Romney said that Democrats are right for calling out the “big lie” perpetuated by former President Donald Trump surround the 2020 presidential election. Though, he added:

“But, in the same spirit of honesty, they should not engage in a similar lie that Republicans across the country are making it much harder for minorities to vote, and thus that the federal government must urgently displace centuries of constitutional practice that gives states primary control over elections.”

Romney even pointed out that minorities are able to vote easier in Georgia than they are in New York (Schumer’s home state) or Delaware (Biden’s home state). Yet, there has been a lot of criticism put on the Republican Party in Georgia, which passed voting reforms last year.

Democrats are quick to criticize one aspect of the reforms, which prohibits political activists from approaching people who are waiting in line to vote to give them water. However, that same exact ban is in place in New York.

As Romney said:

“To be clear, I want an election system that allows every eligible citizen in every state to be able to exercise their right to vote in every single election.”