Mitt Romney Claims Figure For COVID-19 Stimulus By Biden Is “Shocking”

(FreedomBeacon)- One Republican senator who the Biden administration was probably hoping would be on their side is not such a slam dunk anymore.

President Joe Biden has proposed a $1.9 trillion economic relief package that he hopes will gain bipartisan support. Administration officials held a call with some members of Congress on Sunday in an attempt to drum up support for the expensive bill.

Biden has said that he hopes to take the traditional route to passing the bill with bipartisan support. To do so, though, he’ll need at least 10 Republican senators to support the bill, along with all 50 Democrats. That would give him 60 votes, which would be filibuster-proof.

One of the Republicans the Biden administration may have hoped would come their way is Utah Senator Mitt Romney. On Sunday, though, he called the package’s price tag “pretty shocking.”

While Romney didn’t say he would definitely oppose the bill, he did say he’d have to consider portions of it once it was officially released to the Senate.

On Sunday, Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” asked Romney what, if any, parts of the bill he’d consider. He also noted that Romney had opposed passing additional stimulus following the December bill that spent another $900 billion.

In response, Romney said:

“I think that’s very possible. We’ll listen to representatives of the White House today to understand their perspective, but if there are any places that we missed in our proposal, we are happy to pick that up.

“The president wants to extend unemployment benefits if people are still unemployed, that is certainly something we would look at. We were of the view last time that states needed help, some rescue for states and localities that may have suffered a reduction in their revenues. That’s appropriate, but the total figure is pretty shocking, if you will.”

One thing that Romney said he’s absolutely not in favor of is stopping the leases for gas and oil production on federal land. He said:

“That obviously very badly hurt some of our rural communities, stopping the Keystone pipeline. That puts a lot of people out of work. Those people are going to be understandably angry.”

Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office that stopped the lease for the XL Keystone Pipeline. That move drew the ire of not only Republicans in Congress, but also officials from the government in Canada.

Romney commented:

“I think it would be unrealistic to assume that Democrats and Republicans are going to see eye to eye on every issue. There are going to be differences of opinion. That’s expected. But at the same time, I think it’s appropriate for us to have unity of purpose, unity of heart, a recognition that we respect each other and treat each other with comity, and that is something which I believe President Biden wants to see.

“So, I think you’ve got to be pretty careful even recognizing the bounds of disagreement, to not do things that incite a great deal of unnecessary anger.”