Mitch McConnell Given “F” Rating

( Moms for America founder and President, Kimberly Fletcher announced her first ever report cards for members of Congress ahead of the midterm elections. She has rated 535 members of Congress based on Critical Race Theory, mask mandates, school choice, and other issues. Speaking to OANN’s John Hines, Fletcher said that she has learned that members of Congress are not representing the values that they care about as moms or the children they are protecting. Apparently, Mitch McConnell does not make that A grade list.

“We graded them on twelve key issues that moms care about. And it was everything from parental rights to securing our borders to the economy. And all we did was across the board, we went to their votes and we graded them based on the vote that they made in their position in Congress,” she said.

She also spoke about grading candidates who were running for Congress.

“The other unique thing that we did was we converted that into a questionnaire, so all those candidates out there running for Congress who were asking for our support—we can’t endorse—but what we can do is make moms aware of those candidates that do support our values, and so we’re able to give them that questionnaire and when they get an A grade then we out them on our mom-approved candidates list, whether they’re currently in Congress or running for Congress.”

Fletcher told Hines that McConnell did get an F report card for voting against American values, Constitutional principles, and financial stability. “We simply rank them on the way they voted,” she said.

169 members of the House and 29 members of Senate actually received A’s. Some even received A+’s. On the Senate side we have, Marsha Blackburn, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and several others. On the House side, we have Jim Jordan, Burgess Owens, Kat Cammack, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and others.

Those who received A’s are reportedly going to meet with Moms for America, Fletcher said. She also said that this should encourage other members of Congress to consider upping their grade for moms and conservative women of faith who represent a large voting bloc.