Missing Woman’s Friend Believes She Was Taken Against Her Will

An acquaintance of a Florida woman had suspicions that she was taken against her will when visiting Madrid, Spain, during her tumultuous divorce from her spouse.

A Colombian woman named Ana Maria Knezevic, 40, from Fort Lauderdale, went missing on February 2 from a typically secure apartment complex in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood.

According to Sanna Rameau, a friend of Knezevic’s from Fort Lauderdale, somebody has abducted her.

Just half an hour before a man donning a motorbike helmet and spray-painting the surveillance cameras of the apartment building, Knezevic’s friends last heard from her. This was approximately 10 o’clock the same evening.

The two women immediately struck it off after meeting at a South Florida social event. Both of their passions for traveling brought them closer together. On one occasion, Rameau and Knezevic went on vacation to Bogota, Colombia. The two Floridians saw each other very often. Majorca, France, and Croatia were among the summer destinations visited by the two pals. Not long after Knezevic vanished, they were supposed to rendezvous in Madrid.

But on February 3, Rameau received an unusual text message from her pal telling her about a chance meeting with a man on the street, calling it an “incredible link.”

Since she hadn’t brought up meeting a male in her conversation with Knezevic the day before, Rameau found the texts peculiar. Knezevic also sent Rameau an audio message on the day she vanished; they did this often when they were too busy to type out text messages.

Then, on February 5, she informed Rameau that she was planning a day excursion to Barcelona. On the evening of February 2, Knezevic was spotted by her neighbors outside her Madrid flat, but since then, she has remained missing.

Knezevic was married to David Knezevic, and the couple had a real estate stake in addition to running an information technology company in South Florida. Their decision to divorce last summer came after thirteen years of marriage, and Rameau characterized them as a “successful couple.”

According to David’s lawyer, Ken Padowitz, his wife went missing when he was in Serbia, his native country.

Henao contacted the police on February 7, five days after Knezevic went missing, to notify them of his sister’s whereabouts. He alleged that Ana and David were involved in a “nasty” divorce and that a “substantial amount of money was on the line,” as quoted in the police report.

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