Missing Link Found Between White House and Fani Willis

Financial reports reveal that Chris Huttman, a business associate of Fulton County Deputy DA Jeff DiSantis, is involved with President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Because DiSantis is allegedly a Biden plant within the Fulton County office plotting to unseat former president Donald Trump, sources with first-hand knowledge of the office informed a media outlet about Huttman’s ties to DiSantis.

According to data from the Federal Election Commission, Huttman’s association with Biden dates back to the 2020 cycle. Reports show a candidate advertising contract signed last year with the Biden campaign, which states that Huttman is the chief media buyer and strategist of Media Buying and Analytics, LLC.

In DiSantis’s partnership profile, Huttman is listed as a media buyer and analyst. He is an expert in polling and election data and has spent over $100 million on these projects. Huttman assisted Obama’s 2008 campaign in Georgia in its efforts to court black voters.

According to investigations, a former Biden White House adviser who worked with local politicians paid $131,335 to a political consulting firm that DiSantis and Huttman co-founded called 20/20 Insights, LLC.  DiSantis served as the company’s registered agent until Huttman replaced him as the company’s registered agent in February 2024.

It was a month before Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis testified about her romance with fellow Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.

DiSantis oversaw Willis’s 2020 campaign while heading 20/20 Insights, LLC. Rumor has it that DiSantis is a Biden operative working out of Willis’s office.

According to a source, DiSantis is in charge of the Trump case. He orchestrated everything and attended all of the White House meetings. Without the green light from the Biden Administration, Fani Willis would not have brought charges against former President Donald Trump.

According to a report, Fani Willis allegedly received two letters from Joe Biden’s White House Counsel during the Trump prosecution, which proves without a reasonable doubt that her office collaborated with the Biden White House.

When the 2020 Georgia election results were challenged, Willis slammed Trump and 18 others with conspiracy and RICO charges.  The day after the Georgia grand jury recommended indictments, Willis went to the White House, perhaps to get further orders from Administration leaders.

According to the sources, there is substantial evidence that the Biden administration attempted to influence the 2024 presidential race by planting operatives.