Military Lowers Standards In Desperate Recruiting Effort

As a result of the US Navy’s ongoing failure to reach its recruiting targets, this time eliminating the need for applicants to have a high school certificate or a General Equivalency certificate (GED).

According to, the decision was made after an effort in December 2022 to accept more candidates with deficient scores on the Armed Services Qualification Test. The military is having a more challenging time attracting a decreasing amount of young adults who can fulfill its mental, moral, and physical requirements. The other branches mostly avoid or limit these two relatively uncommon stages.

Anyone with a score of 50 or higher on the qualifying exam (out of 99) will be eligible to join the Navy under the new scheme, even if they do not have an education degree. Prior to the year 2000, the service did not accept applicants without proper educational qualifications.

Every year, hundreds of individuals seek out our recruiting centers with hopes of joining the Navy, but many lack the necessary educational credentials. Vice Admiral Rick Cheeseman is head of personnel for the Navy.  Cheeseman said almost 2,400 applicants were denied last year due to insufficient educational credentials.

He said it would be appreciated if recruiters had contacted all of them during the last 24 hours. According to Cheeseman, they will make an effort to recruit test takers.

The Army and Air Force also missed recruiting targets for the previous fiscal year.

According to a report, the enrollment target for the Navy last year was 37,700, but the military only received 31,834. According to Cheeseman, he aimed higher this year, setting a target of 40,600. In 2024, the Navy is projected to have a total strength of 337,800.

Cheeseman said these sailors are essential and an ambitious target.  The Navy is ordering its recruiters to enlist 40,600 men and women. That number is lower than what they are anticipating.