Mike Pompeo Claims XI Jinping Is Holding Millions Of Americans In Concentration Camps

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently told Fox News that authoritarian President Xi Jinping is not just holding ethnic minorities and Uyghur Muslims in China in concentration camps…but that he’s actually holding “over a million Americans in concentration camps.”

Talking about the fact that President Joe Biden is allowing American athletes to go ahead and compete at the upcoming 2022 Beijing Olympics, Pompeo said that he would advise the president not to attend and not to send our athletes to that “terribly difficult place.”

He said that American athletes traveling to Beijing will be “forced to be silent” and will not be able to “speak as Americans.”

“Or Xi Jinping will be put on stage or lauded as a great leader while he’s holding over a million Americans in concentration camps,” he added.

It’s a confusing statement, given that President Xi is not holding Americans in concentration camps – but there’s an innocent explanation. It seems as though he misspoke, and meant to say Uyghurs, not Americans.

More than a million Uyghur Muslims are currently being held in concentration camps where many are sexually abused, forced to work against their will, and indoctrinated into supporting the goals and vision of the Chinese Communist Party. It is a modern-day human rights violation of the scale we haven’t seen since the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and it’s apparently not bad enough for President Joe Biden to decide that American sportsmen should not go to the country and legitimize it in such a huge way.

Watch Pompeo’s slip-up in the clip below: