Mike Pence Slams Biden For Controversial Order

(FreedomBeacon.com)- During an interview on Fox News Channel Friday morning, former Vice President Mike Pence criticized President Joe Biden for his divisive speech last week targeting the “unvaccinated.”

During his speech, Biden told these second-class citizens that “we” have been patient, “but our patience is wearing thin.”

And Vice President Pence found this remark especially inappropriate.

Calling Biden’s divisive speech “unlike anything I’ve ever heard from an American president,” Pence said that the American people do not expect to be spoken to in that way by their elected leaders. Pence went on to say that leaders lead by example, not by dictates. He suggested the president should do just that — lead by example and simply encourage people to take the vaccine.

Biden’s dismissive “This is not about freedom or personal choice” also bothered Pence.

He pointed out the blazingly obvious – namely “America is about freedom” and the individual’s right to make the best decisions for himself, his family or his business.

Pence’s response, while critical of Biden, could hardly be described as forceful.

In a sense, when compared to the powerful pushback of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Pence’s squishy response encapsulates the difference between conservatives who fight and conservatives who merely offer tepid criticism from the sidelines.

The Democrats began a bare-knuckle fight, and Pence still wants to play by Marquess of Queensberry rules – which may explain in large part why Donald Trump’s Vice President is not polling well as a possible 2024 Republican nominee.

Of all the Republicans who have responded to Biden’s unprecedented mandates and divisive speech, Pence’s response is one of the most mincing.

Now, granted, Pence is not in a position of leadership. He isn’t a Congressman or Senator; nor is he the Governor of a state. But Republican voters should expect Republican politicians to offer far more forceful resistance to Biden’s unconstitutional actions.

The damage done to the country in 2020 due to state lockdowns was enabled in large part by Republicans who refused to stand up forcefully against them. Too many Republicans either went along with the narrative or offered mealy-mouthed objections.

The economy was destroyed. Tens of thousands of businesses closed their doors for good. School children were deprived an education and suffered from forced isolation. The government added trillions to our national debt which has now created crippling inflation. And on top of all of that, President Joe Biden is now dictating federal mandates he does not have the authority to enact.

The time for Mr. Nice Guy Republicans like Mike Pence is over.