Mike Pence Says Donald Trump Is The Voice Of The Republican Party

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In a recent interview, former Vice President Mike Pence refused to describe former President Donald Trump as the leader of the Republican Party, calling him instead “an important voice in the party.”

During an interview on CBN News, senior political analyst David Brody asked the former vice president where he believes the Republican Party is today and if he thinks Donald Trump views the GOP as “his party.”

Pence countered that the Republican Party “belongs to Republican voters.”

Brody pressed Pence, asking if he thought Donald Trump was the leader of the Republican Party.

But Pence didn’t agree that Trump was THE leader of the GOP. Instead, he told Brody that he believed that Donald Trump was a leader in the Republican Party.

A disappointed Brody, clarified “A leader, okay.”

Pence said that Trump remains “an important voice in the party,” but added that he has confidence in Republican primary voters to do what “they’ve done so many times before” by choosing “the right standard bearer for this moment in our history.”

While he may not view Donald Trump as the leader of the GOP, Pence was critical of the January 6 select committee’s plan to recommend criminal charges for the former president.

In a separate interview with Fox News on Monday, Pence was asked about reports that the January 6 committee plans to recommend the Justice Department prosecute Trump over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Pence told Fox that while he believed Trump’s “actions and words on January 6 were reckless,” he doesn’t think the Justice Department should bring charges against Trump for taking “bad advice from lawyers.”

Pence pointed out that the Department of Justice is not under any obligation to follow the partisan committee’s recommendations, adding that he hopes the DOJ “understands the magnitude” of indicting a former president.

He suggested that such a move “would be terribly divisive” for the country “at a time when the American people want to see us heal.”