Mike Pence Gets Involved In Key Supreme Court Case

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Mike Pence, the former vice president, is getting involved with the Supreme Court case dealing with President Joe Biden’s mandate that all workers of large private businesses get vaccinated or subject themselves to frequent COVID-19 testing.

On Monday, Pence announced that an advocacy group he heads filed an amicus brief that urges the high court to reject the attempt by the Biden administration to impose a vaccinate-or-test mandate on all employees who work for companies with at least 100 workers.

The group that filed the brief is called Advancing American Freedom. In that brief, the organization is arguing that the mandate is not constitutional and would also exceed prior examples of when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration used its emergency authority.

In a statement announcing the filing of the brief, Pence said:

“America is about freedom and the ability to make the best decision for your family or business, and Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate must be stopped in its tracks in order to preserve freedom, protect American livelihoods and businesses, and to safeguard our constitution.”

The brief was very detailed, referencing nine cases in which OSHA used what’s known as an emergency temporary standard to fast-track rule making standards.

Then, the brief went on to say that those nine instances were much different than OSHA’s current situation, because the others all dealt with dangers in the workplace such as asbestos and other chemicals that threatened the safety of workers.

AAF argued that the new OSHA rule that requires COVID-19 vaccinations suggests “the Biden Administration is not truly seeking to mitigate workplace hazards through the [emergency temporary standard], but rather is attempting to use OSHA to accomplish an end that it has been unable to persuade Congress to support: the mandatory vaccination of the American public.”

The involvement of this group in Supreme Court cases is not new. AAF previously filed similar amicus briefs with the high court that detailed their positions on cases that received much public attention — such as school choice and abortion.

If no action is taken by the Supreme Court, Biden’s vaccine mandate or testing requirement will go into effect. Businesses that have at least 100 employees would be forced to adopt policies in writing that would require all employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. If they choose not to, they must wear masks at all times and be subject to testing on a regular basis.

It’s estimated that 84 million workers in the country could be affected by this mandate.

Last week, the Biden administration pushed for its side with the Supreme Court, urging them to keep the mandate in place. Public health officials believe it’s an effective way to stop the spread of the coronavirus, especially at a time when new cases and hospitalizations are spiking across the country.

Lawyers for the Department of Justice have argued that the law passed in 1970 that established OSHA made plain that the vaccine mandate policy “falls squarely within OSHA’s statutory authority.”