Mike Pence Accused Of “Altering History” During CNN Interview

After former Vice President Mike Pence spoke to an Iowa GOP voter, she accused him of “altering history” and said that she was not sure if she could support him because of it, according to Mediaite. Pence sparred with the voter who took Trump’s side on the issue of overturning the election. 

On January 6, Pence did not vote against certifying the electoral college results, arguing that as vice president he does not have the authority to do so. Pence said that Trump was wrong then and is still wrong, noting that he does not regret his decision. “Go read the Constitution,” was the former vice president’s answer. 


After the interaction, the woman appeared on CNN with Kyung Lah. Luann Bertrand said that she believes the vice president is a good man, but she cannot get over the decision he made on January 6. She said that she likes that he is a man of faith but accused him of “altering history.” Nevertheless, she said that she would consider voting for him. 

Trump currently leads all of the other GOP candidates by double digits. He has around 53 percent of support among likely GOP voters. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes in second with nearly 21 percent, according to Real Clear Politics. Pence is leading the other candidates but only has single-digit support at 6 percent. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is behind Pence with 3.6 percent support. 

The presidential race is notably between both Trump and DeSantis. After the 2022 midterm elections, Trump launched his campaign and began to attack DeSantis, calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious.” 

DeSantis is also being criticized for being financially backed by Mitt Romney donors. A recent fundraiser held for DeSantis was reportedly hosted by John Hamilton, a former donor to alleged “RINOS” (Republican-in-Name-Only) like Mitt Romney and John McCain.