Mike Lindell Predicts Donald Trump’s Return

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and one of the staunchest defenders of former President Donald Trump, made the incredible claim this week that in six months, the former president will be reinstated and become the “real president.”

Speaking to magazine Rolling Stone, Lindell said that Trump will be leading the country to its “greatest rebirth in history.”

It was part of a wider story about former President Donald Trump’s most committed supporters, and the left-wing magazine no doubt used it as an opportunity to mock and chuckle behind the scenes at Republicans who believe strongly that the last election was affected by corruption and misconduct.

The piece was titled “A Weekend With Mike Lindell and the MAGA Zombies,” so you know this report was never going to be fair. It focused on a rally that Lindell invited the reporters to attend in Wisconsin which featured Diamond and Silk, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and other Trump supporters.

The reporters describe how Lindell was friendly and enthusiastic during their initial phone call, inviting them along to the event to see what they had to say.

Their response, calling him a “MAGA Zombie,” is particularly classless…but do you expect any less?

The outlet also asked Lindell what he thought about the January 6 “insurrection,” referring to the pro-democracy peaceful riots promoted by then-President Donald Trump, and the break-off protest attended by left-wing and right-wing activists that got violent. Lindell said it was a “setup,” citing the years of peaceful rallies he’s seen throughout the Trump campaigns and presidency.

Rolling Stone said that Lindell is fighting a two-front war against voter fraud and Big Tech, as if that’s some kind of weird or shocking revelation.

Lindell’s claims are not repeated by many other Republicans, but who is to say he’s wrong? There are technically ways that the former president could become president again, including by making him the next Speaker of the House and impeaching President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris after election fraud is proven in the Arizona forensic audit.

But, who knows?

Mike Lindell is currently fighting a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, and he must have some pretty incredible evidence if he is refusing to back off.