Migrant Entries Are Quickly Outnumbering U.S. Births

As the summer season of 2023 in America draws to a close and fall weather nears the corner, the political climate in the nation remains stalemated, tense, and uncertain. Since taking office in January of 2021, President Joe Biden has appeared incompetent and weak on both the domestic and international stages of diplomacy. Domestically, the 46th president has approved reckless government spending which brought about levels of inflation not reached in decades, and millions of illegal migrants have crossed the southern border. A majority of the American public disapproves of the job of the president, and many continue to question his cognitive stability.

On the international level, Biden orchestrated a foreign policy blunder in Afghanistan early in his term. Foreign adversaries of the United States have taken increasingly assertive positions in global politics. China continues to threaten U.S. dominance in the pacific and has repeatedly issued provocative statements respecting the sovereignty of Taiwan. North Korea recently fired simulated nuclear missiles in a test action against South Korea. But perhaps the biggest shortcoming of Biden and proof of his administration’s weakness is the ongoing war in Ukraine, a conflict which could have been prevented with strong executive leadership. In a recent development, a human trafficking operation was uncovered which reportedly had been organized to supplement the strength of the Russian military. All the way in the distant Caribbean region in the nation of Cuba, the island country uncovered a human trafficking ring which attempted to recruit native Cubans to fight for Russia in the Ukrainian war.

The crisis at Americas southern border continues to worsen and human traffickers have taken advantage of the situation. Millions of illegals have entered the country in just a few years. Recently, it has been estimated that over 745,000 foreigners were released into the interior of the U.S. through a “parole pipeline” policy Biden instated. This number totals over 2 months of native born American births.