Michigan University Gives COUNSELING To Students For “Election Stress”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The University of Michigan announced earlier this week that students would be able to access specialist counselling services to help deal with election-related stress. The plans were announced in anticipation of the possibility of President Donald Trump being re-elected.

It won’t just be students that will have access to the election stress counselling, either. Faculty can too! The University of Michigan is offering “extensive” counselling resources according to a report in a student newspaper.

The Michigan Daily said that the university established the “Campus Climate Support group” to work with students to push healthy discourse over the coming weeks. And, according to the report, the election is a “significant” source of stress.

“Stress over the results of the election combined with ongoing issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racism have students on campus concerned as Tuesday nears,” the paper reports. “More than two-thirds of adults have reported the election being a significant source of stress in their lives, an increase from just over half of adults polled in 2016, according to a study from the American Psychological Association.”

Rick Fitzgerald, a spokesperson for the University of Michigan, said that students are already saying that the election is causing “high levels of anxiety.”

“Election cycles by their nature can be very stressful times,” Fitzgerald added. “A fiercely contested presidential election during a pandemic, when some have questioned the democratic process itself, is creating high levels of anxiety for many members of our community.”

Nick Schuler, an LSA sophomore and vice president of the College Republicans at the University of Michigan, said that he did not expect to need to use the campus resources after the election.

“I do think that if you have to go see a therapist if Trump wins, then that’s a little out there,” he said. “People have their rights and I guess if it helps you, go for it but it’s definitely not something I would do.”

The University’s Division of Public Safety and Security will also send alerts to students after the election and will make themselves available for students to express any concerns they have about their safety.

Has this ever happened at universities before the 2016 election?