Michigan Attorney General Calling In Police To Go After People Who Talked About Election Fraud

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The attorney general in Michigan will work with state police to investigate allegations of people making claims about last year’s election for personal profit.

The request of Dana Nessel, Michigan’s attorney general, was made by the state Senate Oversight Committee, led by Republicans in the state.

The Senate Oversight Committee conducted a probe that took eight months. They were looking into claims of widespread election fraud in Michigan during the 2020 presidential election, but found none.

Following those findings, the committee urged Nessel to investigate “thos who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends.”

Nessel agreed, despite being a Democrat and the Senate committee being led by Republicans. The Michigan State Police “is also assisting in the matter.”

Antrim County has been the focal point of allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. There, computer programming errors and human error initially reported skewed results that made President Joe Biden the winner in the county. The county did go through a hand re-count of all the paper ballots, though.

The Senate Oversight Committee didn’t name people they believe have since spread claims about the election in the county. At the same time, the report the committee issued debunked allegations that were made by former state Senator Patrick Colbeck and lawyer Matthew DePerno, who led the effort to overturn the election results in Michigan.

Since being called out in the report, the two men have lashed out at the committee and the upcoming investigation. They say it’s impinging on their free speech rights as given to them under the U.S. Constitution.

They even called for the Republican Party in Michigan to censure state Senator Ed McBrom, who prepared the report, along with Senators John Bizon and Lana Theis.

McBroom responded by saying:

“No one has free speech if they’re committing a crime, and committing fraud is a crime. We found circumstantial, but substantial, evidence that some people were committing fraud and extorting people for money. It’s possible that we’re wrong, but we didn’t have the tools, the expertise or the mechanisms to explore that issue further.”

DePerno didn’t respond to various media outlets’ request for comments. However, he has raised almost $400,000 for an “election fraud defense fund.”

Colbeck accused the Republicans who serve on the Oversight Committee of “weaponizing the government against those who disagree with their assessment of election fraud.”

The former senator charges a monthly fee for visitors to access certain sections of his website. That is where he has documented his claims of election fraud, and has organized events related to the theories, which people have to pay to go to.

At the same time, he says he isn’t profiting off this work. He said he grossed roughly $30,000 from the content on his website, but approximately half of that goes to pay for his expenses.