Michael Keaton Returning As Batman

(FreedomBeacon.com)- At least two of the most popular Batmen from previous films—Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton—will return to the big screen in the June release of The Flash.

Keaton will provide audiences with a glimpse of Bruce Wayne in his mature years, which has been less often shown in Batman comic books and movies than in Bruce Wayne’s youth.

Seeing the Dark Knight as an adult was hinted at in the first teaser for The Flash, and Keaton’s return to the role has delighted fans. Keaton has often been regarded as the most popular of the Batman actors, George Clooney being the worst.

It was hard to see if Keaton’s look had changed much from his earlier days due to all the promo segments showing Keaton only in the cape and cowl.

But, a picture from DC’s forthcoming The Flash was leaked online, giving fans their first glimpse at Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne sans the mask.

Bruce may be seen working intently at a control panel, his face contorted in an expression that, without more information, might be enthusiasm, fury, or something else.

It will be fascinating to witness how Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman interact in this film, with both actors in the roles of the Caped Crusader and Robin, respectively.

It’s interesting to speculate how the relationship between the Batmen changes depending on whether or not they’re both wearing their cowls; maybe the younger Bruce is more physically adept and adept at combat, while the elder Bruce is more adept at playing the role of playboy Brucie Wayne.

Even if Keaton only plays the intriguing millionaire, having him back in the role is a treat.

On June 16, the public can see The Flash in “a movie theater near you.”