Mexicans Furious As More Americans Move South

( Since the pandemic launched a new remote work trend, the number of Americans choosing to relocate to Mexico has rapidly increased.

According to the U.S. State Department, close to 1.6 million Americans live in Mexico. Many digital nomads have made cities like Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, and Mexico City their permanent homes. The answer is straightforward: living costs are significantly lower there than in the US.

Cody Anderson, who recently relocated to Guadalajara from Los Angeles, says he pays $600 for a one-bedroom apartment close to the city center. “I can’t maintain my lifestyle here in the United States on my current income.”

It makes sense that the influx of Americans moving to Mexico would boost the economy, especially since the dollar is still strong relative to the peso. However, that benefit can be a nightmare for sure Mexicans.

According to Carriane Garcia, a native of Mexico City, it’s not as simple as “spending money is good for the economy.” “Foreigners raise prices, and some areas essentially cater to them rather than the locals. There is undoubtedly a problem,” said Garcia.

She is not the only one who has those feelings. Speaking with numerous locals, they claim that since foreigners started settling in affluent areas like Roma Norte and La Condessa, rent has risen.

David Alvarez, a worker at a city laundromat, claims that most Mexicans might have had two Starbucks drinks in their lifetime. The increase in migration has also led to restaurants raising their pricing or neighborhood bodegas converting into cafes with free WiFi.

“How are we supposed to pay for roofs over our heads with all the gringos taking over?” one resident lamented.

Mexicans’ resentment of Americans, who frequently earn more in a month than they do in a year, has now reached a boiling point. There are crude placards warning foreigners to leave displayed all over Mexico City.

One such placard, which has now gone popular online, says LEAVE.

A lot of visitors intend to stay put. Asif Khan from India adds that if Mexicans had this much animosity toward immigrants entering their country, they should restrict immigration as other nations do.

Maybe they should build a wall?