Mexican Army Forces Cartel Gunmen To Flee

( A Mexican cartel was met with force in Altar, Sonora, when trying to rescue a detained member of their gang. The Mexican military arrested Francisco “El Duranguillo” Torres Carranza, the leader of the Delta Group of the Gente Nueva faction within the Sinaloa Cartel last week, according to Breitbart.

Gente Nueva is reportedly under the directive of the sons of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, called “chapitos.”

After the arrest was made, the cartel attempted to intimidate the military into releasing Duranguillo by setting up blockades around the town where he was being held. Footage was captured showing the arrest leading up to the confrontation.

As the military successfully warded off the cartel’s attacks a tweet read, Moment in which the very powerful Mexican army…hands out hugs to the assassins of the ‘New People’ Los Salazar/Chapitos faction of the Sinaloa Cartel when they were carrying out blockades on the main avenues.”

The “hug” comment comes after Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that they were going to use hugs over bullets when dealing with cartels. But a day after the confrontation, Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo confirmed the arrest of Duranguillo and emphasized the security of his state.

“In an operation by the security forces in Altar, led by the Ministry of National Defense, four alleged criminals who operated in the Altar-Caborca region were arrested, after seizing various high-caliber assault weapons,” Durazo tweeted in Spanish, adding that they are going to continue to work to ensure “peace and tranquility for Sonorans.”

The captured footage was allegedly widely praised on social media as many were glad to see the cartel facing aggressive resistance from the military rather than the passivity of the president’s words.