Melania Trump Photo With Hunter Biden Is Fake

( Last weekend, 4chan users claimed to have hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account, gaining access to the contents of Hunter’s phone. Screen captures of alleged text messages, pictures, and videos purportedly from the hack began making the rounds on 4chan as well as other social media platforms.

According to the Washington Examiner, while much of the stuff released from this alleged hack was already found on the hard drive of Hunter’s abandoned laptop, some of the screenshots purportedly from the hacked iCloud account could not be verified.

In fact, some of the things cropping up on social media claiming to be from the hack are flat-out fake.

Last week, a digitally altered photo supposedly discovered on Hunter’s iPhone backup depicted a lingerie-clad Melania Trump posing beside a shirtless Hunter.

Snopes fact-checked the image despite it being an obvious fake.

According to Snopes, the image was made from two separate pictures.

Yes, that’s usually how it works.

Whoever created the bad Photoshop job cut and pasted Melania from a photo taken in 2000, then flipped her image and crudely placed it onto a picture of Hunter that has been circulating online since late 2020 when the New York Post obtained the hard drive of Hunter’s laptop.

It is one heck of a sloppy job, but obviously, that didn’t stop some idiots on Twitter from believing it was real.

Then again, far too many people on Twitter still believe Donald Trump is a Russian asset who called Nazis “very fine people.”

They’re pretty easy to hoodwink since, as a general rule, they aren’t known for their sparkling brilliance.