Melania Trump Makes Headlines With Stylish, Classy Appearance At Polls

( Former President Donald Trump and his wife, former First Lady Melania, wearing a McQueen pinstripe and checked midi-dress, were all smiles when they arrived at the polls in Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday to vote in the midterm elections.

But if the reports from Wednesday are true, it is likely those smiles didn’t last.

According to reports, after the former president’s chosen Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz went down in flames to stroke-addled Democrat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Trump’s smiles were quickly replaced by fury.

And some of that fury reportedly landed on his fashionable wife.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who is known for her unfettered access to the former president and those in his orbit, tweeted on Wednesday that Trump was “furious” about Dr. Oz’s defeat and was “blaming everyone who advised him to back Oz,” including Melania.

According to Haberman, people close to the former president said Trump thought backing Oz was not one of Melania’s best decisions.

Haberman added that some in Trump’s inner circle were encouraging him to push back his planned 2024 announcement next week and several Republicans have also texted to find out if Trump still planned to move ahead with it.

Haberman tweeted that delaying the announcement was “risky” since it would be viewed as an acknowledgment by Trump that he was “wounded” by Tuesday’s midterm losses.

She noted that it is “worth remembering” that the former president “is a grown man who endorsed Oz over the objection of some of the people closest to him” and then “went beyond just endorsing” by proceeding to attack Oz’s primary challenger Dave McCormick.

The former president naturally denied Haberman’s reporting.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Melania Trump did express her support for Dr. Oz to her husband.

Dr. Oz, who lost to Fetterman by 4 points, conceded the race on Wednesday morning.