Megyn Kelly Reveals Good News To Fans

( Megyn Kelly exclaimed, “Joy, oh joy!” on Friday as she and guest Dana Loesch celebrated Tiffany Cross’ termination from MSNBC.

In a surprise reorganization that sparked whispers, gloating, and a lot of reaction on social media, the Cross Connection host—whom they called a racist “Karen”—was swiftly fired.

On social media and in conservative media, the news that Tiffany Cross had been dropped from MSNBC’s lineup was met with smack talk and grave-stomping.

Additionally, there was strong pushback against the choice from followers, famous people, and other journalists.

There were few conversations about “cancel culture” from either group. Most people believed Cross was fired because of her on-air commentary.

“I have fantastic news to share. I have some happy news,” Kelly stated. Tiffany Cross, the most racist person on television and MSNBC in particular, has just been dismissed.”

She mockingly said, “Poor Tiffany.”

Kelly and Cross have frequently disagreed, and most recently, Kelly labeled Cross a “dumbass” for her opinion on Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion. Over Kelly’s remarks regarding Naomi Osaka from the previous year, Cross referred to Kelly as a “blackface aficionado” and bully.

Like Cross, Kelly’s contract with NBC was terminated due to her remarks. In this instance, Cross frequently brought up her comments on blackface in Halloween costumes.

In a statement on Saturday, Cross expressed her outrage over NBC’s decision to axe her program so soon before the November elections, citing a “racist reckoning.”

She stated, “We know that there is always blowback with advancement. “This is not the time to go back to journalism or politics as usual.”

While admitting she had to “really think hard” and “remember who” Cross is, guest Dana Loesch said she could understand why the network would sever connections.

She said, “You know, some Karen shouting about, you know, all of these problems that she sees everywhere that don’t exist, and she doesn’t even have her facts straight on half of it all the time, or any of it all the time, it’s kind of hard to sell ads on.”

Neither Tiffany jewelry nor Cross pens have advertised on Tiffany Cross. And now they couldn’t if they wanted to.

Bye, Tiffany.