Mega Democrat Donor Is Not Even A Citizen

( In November, columnist Daniel Greenfield examined the three billionaires that are behind most of the Democrats’ Dark Money Machine, and one of them may not even be a citizen of the United States.

Two of the billionaires bankrolling the Left are probably familiar names. Tech billionaire Pierre Omidyar, an Iranian immigrant and the richest man in Hawaii; George Soros, the infamous Hungarian Nazi collaborator whose Open Society Foundations have sunk tens of millions into Democrat groups.

The third billionaire may not be as well known, but he is instrumental in backing Democrat-affiliated groups.

Hansjörg Wyss is the wealthiest man in Switzerland. According to Greenfield, Wyss may not be a citizen of the United States.

But along with Soros and Omidyar, Hansjörg Wyss gave millions to the Sixteen Thirty Fund (STF), a dark money group that spent $410 million to help Democrats defeat Republicans in the 2020 election.

Omidyar pumped $45 million into STF during the 2020 election. Soros’ Open Society Foundation gave an estimated $17 million to STF that same year.

But Wyss had them beat. He sank $135 million into STF which, since he isn’t an American citizen, was purportedly “earmarked for non-electoral purposes.”

The Swiss billionaire didn’t hide his contempt for former President Donald Trump, whose administration Wyss described as a “catastrophe.”

Within SFT, Wyss funded the “Hub Project” which set up front groups like Floridians for a Fair Shake, North Carolinians for a Fair Economy, and Keep Iowa Healthy. All of those groups targeted Republicans in 2020.

As Greenfield explains, “This isn’t politics: it’s a hostile foreign takeover.”

What is also particularly disturbing about this Swiss billionaire is his questionable past. According to Greenfield, Wyss was implicated in illegal medical experimentation on patients that led to five deaths. While several company executives went to prison, Wyss, whose vast wealth comes from the company, did not.