Mayor Threatens To Charge School Board After What They Made Children Do

( In a stunning appearance that went viral on social media this week, the mayor of Hudson, Ohio, went before the local school board and threatened to have them charged with child pornography unless they resigned from office en masse.

At issue in this school board meeting was the discovery that highly sexualized writing assignments were given to students at Hudson High School for college credit. These assignments included such gems as “Write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom” and “Write an X-rated Disney scenario.”

Parents in attendance during Monday’s board meeting expressed their outrage and disgust that the school was encouraging their children to write what amounts to pornography. But when Mayor Craig Schubert stepped to the microphone, the message he delivered, though brief, was unequivocal.

It could be summed up as “Write a scene where the Mayor brings the hammer down.”


The mayor then stood up and walked out of the meeting, while parents in the audience broke into loud cheers and applause.

It is illegal in Ohio to send harmful or obscene material to, or sharing it with, a minor. Typically, however, this law is related to texting or sending obscene images. The statute exempts obscene material that is presented for “educational purposes” – which no doubt is the gray area Hudson High School teachers were hoping to hide. But what precisely is the educational purpose of “Write an X-rated Disney scenario?”

Regardless of whether or not giving an assignment to “Write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom” violates the law is beside the point. It certainly violates the rights of parents – which is precisely why when Hudson High School encouraged children to write pornography the school kept it on the down-low.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and parents are fighting back, administrators at Hudson High School issued an apology, claiming that they were unaware of the pornographic writing assignments. They also said that they are collecting the course books which contained the offensive material to get them out of circulation.

Principal Brian Wilch said at Monday’s school board meeting that the school did not exercise due diligence “when we reviewed this resource,” admitting that they “overlooked” the “write something pornographic” assignments listed in the book.