“Mayor Pete” Private Jet Use Is Being Covered Up

In a federal complaint, government watchdogs accuse the FAA of blocking access to documents about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s use of private government planes.

Americans for Public Trust (APT) claims it has frequently demanded information from the FAA showing how often Buttigieg has utilized the agency’s fleet of planes at the taxpayers’ expense. 

Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of APT, said they revealed Secretary Buttigieg’s trips six months ago, yet his agency still hasn’t told the public how much they’re on the line for because of his lavish travel.

She said they are filing suit on behalf of Americans with the right to know how tax monies are spent because Buttigieg has stonewalled and hasn’t followed the law for providing public documents.

There were requests made to the FAA between November and January.

There was a request for all passenger manifests of the jets the FAA manages.

They wanted the FAA to catalog the instances when any White House or Congressional official used one of the jets.

According to APT’s investigation, the FAA promised to deliver the documents many times but never did. The agency has postponed the release of the documents in question indefinitely.

The FAA is being sued because it missed two self-imposed extended deadlines in May and has not spoken with the plaintiff, APT, about whether it would satisfy the FOIA requests. The FAA “has not indicated when APT can expect its requests to be processed.” 

Maybe Buttigieg’s residence needs to be raided by the FBI.

After it was revealed that former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price had spent more than $1 million on government jet travel, he was forced to quit.