Mayor Has Car Stolen Twice In Liberal City

Since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, crime levels have risen sharply in major cities. In Philadelphia, the police commissioner resigned several months ago and accepted a job with another organization after being touted and promoted by progressive mayors. Despite these claims, violent crime has skyrocketed, and a general feeling of uncertainty and danger has permeated cities across the country. Following the murder of George Floyd and the black lives matter riots that occurred in many major cities across the country for weeks in its aftermath, progressive politicians and activists called for the “defunding” of the police and law enforcement organizations across the country. In many cases they succeeded. In general, an “anti-cop” culture has become prevalent in the United States in recent years, and as law enforcement officials have continued to be unfairly demonized, many people have left the profession or decided not to pursue a career as a cop altogether, severely endangering the well-being of average citizens.

Many progressive mayors and judicial officials in major cities introduced criminal “reform” pieces of legislation that were enacted with disastrous consequences. Many penalties for “low level” crimes like petty theft and burglary were severely reduced and criminals have been emboldened to act. As a consequence, people in vulnerable communities (often those who are not affluent) have been hurt the most by these lawless policies. Progressive elitists seem not to care too much, though; they are affluent, well to do, and isolated from the realities of their toxic agenda. One Democratic activist in Minneapolis who had called for the defunding of police learned the hard way how ludicrous this political agenda is by being attacked herself.

In Denver, Colorado, Mayor Mike Johnston had his car stolen. Auto theft levels have soared in the blue state. It has been estimated that nearly half of the criminal activity occurring near the mile high city in the calendar year of 2023 has been automobile or vehicular related.