Matt Gaetz Says Virginia Foxx Exposed Liz Cheney

( In a closed conference vote yesterday, Congresswoman Liz Cheney was stripped of her position as Republican Conference Chair.

After the vote, Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared on War Room with Steve Bannon to offer a peek behind the scenes of yesterday’s meeting.


Calling Cheney the “masthead for the establishment in Washington,” Gaetz told Bannon that Cheney proclaimed herself the one to lead the party to be worthy of “the mantle of Lincoln.”

Once Cheney was done, North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx introduced the vote — telling Cheney that a “leader with no followers is just a person on a walk.”

That’ll leave a mark.

Gaetz went on to say Cheney’s fight isn’t over.

“Liz Cheney will have an incredibly resourced political operation to target MAGA, go after America First, and to try to compete with our nationalist, patriotic vision of the political right. So the battle has not ended today.”

This is no doubt correct.

Already the usual suspects of NeverTrump Republicans are white-knighting for Cheney. And with far-Left tech billionaires like Pierre Omidyar throwing buckets of cash at NeverTrump organizations, Cheney will no doubt have plenty of resources to continue her war against the America First agenda and the Republican base.

With regard to the corporate media’s claim that Cheney’s ouster was solely due to the Republican Party’s “cult of personality” surrounding Trump, Bannon asks Gaetz if this conference vote was a victory for “Trumpism” and what it stands for or “is this a double-down on the cult of personality?”

To Gaetz, the removal of Cheney was not about Trump the person so much as the policy changes Trump brought to the Republican Party – on immigration, trade, foreign policy to name a few.

Cheney, and other Establishment Republicans, want to treat “Trumpism” as “this blip on the radar screen,” Gaetz explains. “Just something we had to get through and exorcize out of our system.”

“We see things differently,” Gaetz said.

This week, about a hundred Republicans – mostly former elected officials – threatened to break off and form a new party if the GOP does not cede to their demands and break ties with Trump.

According to The Hill, one of the organizers of this group is Miles Taylor who, in 2018 wrote the anonymous NY Times op-ed “I am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

While the media will no doubt make hay over this group, the list of those included in its ranks aren’t influential members of the party, but mostly has-beens with no actual influence at all.