Mass Shooter’s True Target Revealed By Law Enforcement

( At the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, California, a shooter has been identified as 68-year-old David Chou. Chou is responsible for the death of one worshiper and the injury of several others. According to law enforcement officials, Chou is an immigrant from mainland China who allegedly targeted the Taiwanese congregation while they were having lunch.

Chou has been charged with murder after fatally shooting Dr. John Cheng, 52, and wounding five other people during a lunch hosted by Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church over the weekend. The congregation’s pastor was able to bring the gunman, who had reportedly traveled all the way from Las Vegas, to his knees and secure him in a hogtie.

According to Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes, the shooter was motivated by a personal grudge against members of the Taiwanese community. China has asserted that Taiwan has been an integral part of its territory for a very long time, and the country has worked very hard to gain control of the island.

Barnes stated that the suspect drove to the Orange County church, locked the doors, and began shooting. The suspect was not a regular attendee at the church. According to the sheriff, the gunman also left behind four devices inside the church that resembled Molotov cocktails.

Barnes stated that Cheng, who was tragically killed in the shooting, had bravely charged the shooter in an effort to disarm him. After that, the congregation’s pastor used a chair to strike the gunman in the head, which allowed parishioners to hog-tie him with electrical cords.

The Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said that Cheng understood that there were elderly everywhere and that they couldn’t get out of the premises because the doors had been chained, he took it upon himself to charge across the room and to do everything he could to disable the assailant.

His wife and two children survive him.


After being severely beaten several years ago, the individual suspected of carrying out the shooting in Laguana Hills has been showing signs of mental decline, according to a former neighbor who spoke with the media. Chou had a pleasant personality and was articulate in the past, according to Balmore Orellana. However, the beating caused Chou’s life to fall apart.

Chou, 68 years old, had also been evicted not long ago.